Kings and Queens Video

The music video for “Kings and Queens” was directed by Jared Leto with the pseudonym of Bartholomew Cubbins and premiered at The Montalban Theater in Los Angeles on Monday, November 9, 2009. It had two main themes: One featuring cyclists, which are Fans invited by the Band to take part in the Video and Jared, Shannon and Tomo among them, riding in downtown Los Angeles.

To shoot this part of the video, parts of the city were closed off, including the Santa Monica Pier. The other part of the video simply features the band playing on a cliff edge of some sort that overlooks the city.

These two themes alternate between each other during the course of the video. Jared Leto has been quoted saying that the video was “basically a love letter to Los Angeles.”

The video makes reference to other artists, notably Banksy and his man throwing flowers.

Bartholomew Cubbins