Jared Leto identifies with “people who are different”

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From PressParty

30 Seconds To Mars rocker Jared Leto has been talking about how he relates to others who may be perceived as outsiders.

In a joint interview with Jared and his brother Shannon Leto, the pair agreed that they would not be “averse” to having the term “queer” applied to them.

Shannon stated: “I wouldn’t care.”

Jared added: “”I don’t think we’d care at all. We certainly identify with people who are different.”

Speaking to FourTwoNine magazine, the ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ actor also told a story about a 30 Seconds To Mars fan who found the strength to deal with their sexuality thanks to the band’s music.

The ‘Up In The Air’ singer explained:

“I got a note from a kid yesterday. We were signing a thousand CDs after a show. If you looked at him, he looked like any young kid maybe in twelfth grade or eleventh grade who’d be on the baseball team or something. A nice looking kid. He handed me a note and it said, ‘I just want to say thanks so much for the music. It’s helped me in many ways – especially with coming out this year to my family.’

Thanks to PressParty

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One Response to “Jared Leto identifies with “people who are different””

  1. Comment by A.A in April 13, 2014 @ 1:43 am

    his music has made me do things i didnt evn dream of.it has made me brave and made me say this is who i realy am and i wouldnt change it for a world.i am who i am because of him.thanks for showing me how to live and not be afraid to be myself.

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